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I'm Apoorva

UX Researcher, passionate about pushing the boundaries of technology to efficiently address user needs. 


Inclusive solution for classroom learning

Inclusive Design | Generative Research | Accessibility 

A digital tool to simplify information gathering in classrooms for moderately deaf/hard-of-hearing community to provide a comparable learning experience

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Roots: Redesign of diet assistants for young adults

Research Design | Leadership | Mixed-Methods | Evaluative Research | Mobile

Redesigning diet assistants to address the unmet user needs of yound adults.

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Technology solutions for case-workers

Generative and Exploratory Research | Human-Centered AI | Study Design | Data Analysis | Cross-functional Collaboration 

A City of Austin research project to enable enhanced and equitable decision-making through exploratory research on their homelessness case management workflow.

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Indeed: Usability evaluation of job search flow

Usability Testing | Comparative Study | Recommendations | Stakeholder Presentation

A UT Austin - Indeed collaborated research to identify usability issues in finding relevant jobs on their job searching platform.

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