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Hello! I'm Apoorva

UX Researcher, passionate about bringing emerging technologies closer to people.

I leverage my interdisciplinary experience to 




I utilize mixed methods to investigate user needs and behavior, and design thinking to innovate solutions.

Previously, I worked at the Human-AI Interaction Lab at UT Austin, researching digital and AI solutions for social workers in the City of Austin. This research led to a paper accepted at CHI 2024. I also interned at Motional as a UX Researcher and consulted 3 early-stage startups. Before my master's, I worked at Samsung Research and Reliance Industries as a Data Scientist. 


Desktop Hearing Aid

Inclusive Design |  Primary & Secondary Research 

What if a desktop app can empower deaf/hard-of-hearing community to effectively grasp information shared in classrooms for learning?

knowl homescreen

User Experience Assessment

Surveys | Analytics | Contextual Inquiry 

How can Motional improve the utility and usability of its internal tools for self-driving fleet operations?

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All-In-One Diet Assistant

Iterative Usability Testing | Mixed-Methods

What if young adults with varied needs could rely on a mobile diet assistant for meal prep and consumption?


Generative AI Summaries

Human-AI Interaction | Data Analysis | In-depth Interviews

How can LLM-based summaries be designed to support the City of Austin's case workers in making high-stake decisions for homeless service?

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Evaluating AI-chatbot

Discovery Research | Wizard of Oz | Experimental Design

How do we evaluate real-time AI intervention 

for student engagement in online group discussions?

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