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A snapshot of me

🔍 Versatile Researcher with a Focus on AI Solutions

I leverage user research, data analysis, technical expertise, and cross-functional collaboration to inform user-centric and data-driven innovation.

Why Did I Choose UX?

💡 Driven by Curiosity, Empathy, and Creativity

I'm a person always driven by curiosity and empathy, thriving in creative spaces. UX fits at a perfect intersection of my analytical, empathetic, and creative instincts.

🎁 Personalized Gifts to Impactful UX

From crafting personalized gifts as a child and my first UX work designing games for stroke rehabilitation, I've consistently been passionate about understanding people and creatively delighting them.

What Fuels My Research Passion?

🚀 Motto:  I believe in the power of usable data, and am committed to transforming diverse data into usable knowledge that stimulates meaningful change.

💻 User Tech Disconnect: My sensitivity to observing people struggling to use products/services compels me to bridge the gap between users and technology.

🌐 Diverse Perspectives: My curiosity and fascination with understanding varied human experiences and perspectives.

📢 Advocacy: My interest in advocacy extends to engaging in thoughtful debating to make a tangible difference in people's lives by amplifying their voices through UX.


I want to make technology a reliable friend for every individual, embracing our differences

Personal Tidbits

🔬 Conferences and Workshops

Whenever feasible, I enjoy attending and volunteering at conferences, talks, and workshops that foster creative and innovative discussions.

🎶 Music, Biking, and Philosophy

You'll often find me lost in musical instruments or pedaling my bike to recharge in nature. Always count me in for thoughtful discussions or debates!


🌍 An Explorer

I'm all about gathering new experiences and skills. Currently, I'm honing my singing skills and learning the language of Espanol!

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