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A snapshot of me.

I am a Human-Computer-Interaction/User Experience researcher with 3+ years of applied research experience in enabling AI-based products and services to make people's lives easier. I am passionate about making user-centric and equitable technologies to create meaningful and real impact.


UX brings together the analytical and empathetic parts of me. From making personalized gifts as a kid, I have always enjoyed understanding people.  My past internship in designing games to motivate stroke victims for rehabilitation, and my work in applied research teams have strengthened my capability to deal with ambiguity, think large-scale, drive efficient user-centered solutions, work with cross-functional teams, and adapt to constraints.


What drives me to do UX Research?

  • Making a difference in people's lives by becoming their voice.

  • Getting to know the diverse experiences and perspectives of people around me.

  • Transforming data into accessible knowledge.


I want to make technology the best friend of every human despite their differences.


I enjoy playing musical instruments, biking, having thoughtful discussions, or just wandering in nature. 

I feel most alive when I am learning something new! I'm currently learning Spanish and moonwalk (not necessarily at the same time :D ).

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